orangebutwhy - Market Research and Publishers

Our name says it all: we find out what people like and what they don't like. After that we are interested in the precise reasons, why somebody likes something or not. We, for example, like Orange. And we know exactly, why.


Our research follows two parallel tracks: we work on projects for customers and we conduct our own research dealing with vital topics.


We publish the results of the latter as books with ISDN-numbers. They can be purchased in our publications-shop.

2019: New book publications

The new book publications with research reports concerning instalments, online payment, the use of webshops and travel sites, and contentment with online payment providers and banks in direct comparison are available. Read more

2019: Ad impact and TV-surroundings

The results derived from research about the impact of TV-surroundings (e.g. soap, crime, sports etc.) onto TV-commercials are impressive. We extend our research because of that. It makes a difference where you broadcast your TVc, that's a fact now. Read more

2019: New Ad-omnibus

An omnibus for print-ads and out of home - that's new at orangebutwhy and can be booked starting in 2019. Thus we initiate a new, thrilling project, including evaluation of details and research on position. Crossmedia effects are also in the focus.