2019: We launch a last testing session concerning the performance of TV-commercials in different TV-surroundings (e.g. daily soap, crime, sports etc.). Our up to date research significantly shows that there are vital differences in memory, if TV-commercials are broadcasted in different TV-surroundings. The better you remember a TV-commercial, the higher the probaility that the product will considered for purchase.


Companies participated. They got to know now, which of the TV-surroundings suits their TV-commercial best and they can use it for their media planning. That's a vital benefit and a competitive advantage - aside from the general ad-impact of the TV-commercials with benchmarks and recommendations for the improvement of ad-performance that we delivered on top.


In 2019 we will consolidate the results for a last time. There are 10 test places for interested companies with one TV-commercial per participating company. This is not a university project or some other kind of scientific research. It's about hard economic facts, e.g. improved ad budgets.


We will send you informations on the procedure and the costs on demand via e-mail. Give us a call or use the contactform.